Graduation Night: WFPD Citizen's Police Academy

Graduation Night: WFPD Citizen's Police Academy
Tuesday night was graduation night at the Wichita Falls Police Department's Training Center.
It wasn't new officers shaking the Chief's hand, but instead graduates of the Wichita Falls Citizen's Police Academy. 
Our own Newschannel 6 Anchor Ashley Fitzwater was part of that class.
So a big congratulations to her!  
The 11 week course gives residents a chance to go behind the badge in an interactive class. 
Tuesday night was complete with a special dinner, family, friends and certificates. 
If you would like to take part, a new class will kick off Spring 2014. It's free and just take a listen to the video
attached to this story to hear how it also changed the perspective of the WFPD to nearly every single class member.