Working Conditions

Working Conditions
Frigid temperatures here in Texoma not stopping individuals from reporting to work. 

Over the last couple of days North Texas has seen some record low temperatures and they are expected to stay cold over the weekend. Despite the record lows, Philip Mancla an employee at Market Street Grocery says he's ready to brave the conditions. 

"It's been really cold. Wind chill is really the worst. if the wind wasn't blowing today it wouldn't be to bad," Philip said. "You really have to dress for it. Dress as warm as you can in layers and try to keep that wind off you."

Mancla like many other Texomans had to layer up before going out in these conditions. While Mancla acknowledges the difficulty of working in these elements, he says what keeps him warm is the feeling he gets when helping others.
"I know a lot of my friends that shop here and its good to see them and then you get to meet knew people and it's nice to visit with them and interact with them," Philip said. 

A humble guy with a great personality that enjoys interacting with people and doing his job.

"It's a customer service that have for our guest. It gets cold, but that's part of my job," Philip said.  

So if you have to work in these conditions, make sure to layer up with anything that may keep you warm.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6