TX DOT Sober Sleigh

    TXDOT could be seen all over Wichita Falls spreading awareness to promote that people be safe during the holiday season and refrain from drinking and driving. There were plenty of TXDOT workers out getting people to write down their name and pledge they would not drunk and drive. The first stop was made at Sheppard Air Force Base, TXDOT Public Information Officer Adele Lewis says those at SAFB make up the bulk of TXDOT's target audience. TXDOT target audience are those between the ages of 18-28. 
    "When we come out to the Sheppard Air Force Base we are getting right to the age group that we really need to get to. A lot of these airmen are in the age group where they may go out and party for the holiday season and we wanna remind them just one more time that they need to find a safe way to get back home."    
    According to a 2013 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report in 2011 there were 9,296 fatal crashes where the driver had a blood alcohol content above .08. The report goes onto list that of those 20% were aged 16-20, 32% were aged 21-24, and 32 percent were aged 25-34. In Texas a total of 2,044 traffic fatalities occurred where the driver had a BAC above .08.
    Airmen Basic Andrea Giordano was one of those who made the pledge. "I just took the pledge to get home safely during the holiday season so in case were out and we don't have a second plan or our first plan falls through we can make sure that we get home alright. I always make sure that I have friends ready to drive me home or I'll even call my parents cause they'll let me call them."  
    Many of the Airmen and women at the base could be seen writing their names down pledging they would be safe this holiday season. TEXDOT was driving in what they called the "Sober Sleigh." The sober sleigh was A red limousine decorated with white reindeer, topped with a green bow that doubled as a stereo system playing holiday music. Those who made the pledge today had a chance to win a trip to New York City or get a limousine at their disposal during New Years. 
Jack Carney Newschannel 6