BBB E-Receipts

Many retailers offer e-receipts for both our convenience and theirs.  E-receipts save retailers money, and they make it easier for you to electronically file them away until they're needed for returns, warranties or taxes. While paperless receipts may offer savings for retailers and convenience to you, be sure you're aware of what else you could be receiving in your inbox. Along with receipts, businesses may send "junk mail" filled with surveys, coupons and other promotional offers. They may also use your information to build profiles on demographics and buying habits.

For shoppers who are interested in opting for the paperless, e-receipt, BBB offers the following tips:

Use your smart phone to take a picture of the purchase on the screen before leaving the store and if you don't receive the receipt in your inbox after a few minutes, then you should request a written receipt before leaving the store

Find out how the business plans to keep your information secure.Ask if you can opt-out of receiving promotional emails.

You may want to set up a separate email address to use for paperless receipts so that you can easily monitor it for spam.

Beware of scams! Having receipts emailed can also make you susceptible to phishing and other identity theft scams. Scammers pose as retailers with

realistic-looking emails that may claim there are problems with your purchase and request that you click a link to fix it.