Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Tuesday, a soldier in Wichita Falls gave his family a gift just in time for the holidays they will never forget.

Cedric Brown, who is currently serving in the army, has been in South Korea for the Brigade S2 as a Security Manager for the M.S.C.K. for the past 7 months.

Brown flew into Dallas on Monday, but the only person who knew about his arrival was his wife, and the both of them had the entire surprise all planned out.

"My wife told our kids that she had to go to a meeting in Dallas and what really happened was, I flew into Dallas last night so they didn't think anything of it. We've been texting all morning, calling all morning, making sure everything is coordinated to make sure there are no hiccups," said Cedric Brown.

Tuesday, when Brown was reunited with his 5 children, he was excited and at a loss for words.

"Words can’t explain it, I'm just overwhelmed and glad to be back with my family be with my church family that has been here with me in Wichita Falls," said Cedric Brown.

Lakesia Brown, Cedric Brown's wife said it was through the support of others that the time away she has spent from her husband has been that much easier.

"It's like being a single parent. People really truly don’t know what you’re going through, but you do have families that have had these experiences and having a great support system makes it even easier for you, said Lakesia Brown.

Brown will be in Wichita Falls with his family until he goes back for another 7 month tour in South Korea on January 6th. Until then, Brown's family is more than excited to have him back home.

"My tooth was loose and my mommy said I couldn't wait because I didn't want it to fall out before daddy would come," said Cedric's son, LeCedric Brown.

"We're just glad he's home and we're going to enjoy the holidays," said LaKesia Brown.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6.