Delivery Freeze

Now that most of the ice is melted and gone, deliveries are starting to come back to the Texoma.

Many stores like United Market Street on Kell West, had food shortages on items like bread and milk.

Today at Market Street items are fully stocked and back on shelves.

"We're in good shape now. It's kinda after the fact, but we did get caught up," said Bryan Alexander of Market Street. "We have had this in the past, but this is probably been one of the worst I've seen as far as our partners not being able to deliver to us."

That's because Market Street's items come in from other Texas towns like Dallas, Fort Worth and Lubbock. When the winter weather hit Texas over the weekend, many of the delivery trucks were unable to deliver.

Alexander said that Market Street does try to prepare in advance for these kinds of massive winter storms.

"We try to prepare for stuff like that and order in advance, which we did order quiet a bit of grocery stuff from out main houses. But really the problem we had more than anything was our partners, our vendors getting stuff up here."

Alexander said short term storms like the one Texoma experienced did not affect pricing of products, and all foods were able to stay fresh.

Delivery delays were not isolated to Market Street. Many other stores and even locals saw some of their packages come in late.

FedEx and UPS sent us these statements about deliveries.

"FedEx has 15 full-time meteorologists on staff around the clock, and we’re closely monitoring winter storms. As always, our top priority is the safety of our team members, as well as continuing to provide the highest level of service to our customers. We have over 40 years of experience in handling every type of weather situation, and we have detailed contingency plans in place to help mitigate any delays. Customers can check

for service updates." FedEx statement:

"While weather has caused delays since late last week -- particularly in Texas and Arkansas -- we are making pickups & deliveries in every ZIP code." UPS statement:

Jack Carney Newschannel 6