Meningitis Outbreaks

Meningitis outbreaks in colleges across the country have many health officials concerned, including Midwestern State University.

They said meningitis is a very serious illness that can be deadly.  Symptoms are often similar to the flu, such as body aches and fever.  After 24 hours you might get a headache and become confused.

Students at MSU are required to get vaccinated against the illness, but getting the vaccination doesn't mean you are necessarily protected against the strain.

Doctor Keith Williamson who is the Medical Director at MSU said there is a law in the United States and in Texas that requires adults entering college to get the vaccine.  He explained the vaccine covers four strains of the virus bacteria, but that’s the problem.  It doesn’t cover the strain that has been in the outbreak in Santa Barbra and Princeton.
Smoking or having a cold can increase your chance of getting meningitis.  Dr. Williamson recommends washing your hands and not sharing your utensils with others.