Holiday Aggressive Driving

Holiday Aggressive Driving

Christmas is less than two weeks away and many Texomans have places to go and things to do, but as the holiday nears aggressive driving increases.

Tony Fulton, Senior Trooper with the Texas Department of Public Transportation said during this time of the year there is an increase of drivers on the roads.

“We have people going on vacation, people going on trips, we have people trying to Christmas shopping and stuff like that done,” said Fulton.

“I think people forget the reason for the season,” said Suzanna Gonzalez, a driver from Wichita Falls.

She said people are so consumed in getting from store to store to catch the latest sales they lose sight of the holiday and are not cognoscente when driving.

“It's about spending time with family and taking your time everything is just too fast pace,” Gonzales said.

Fulton said anytime there is an increase of motorist on the road, drivers are more likely to be in a hurry and drive aggressively.

“Once you have one person driving that way then they start to get other drivers aggravated and that tends to lead to more problems,” said Fulton.

“People are always in a hurry to get those shopping list fulfilled,” said Brock Schenk, a local driver.

“Drivers not using their signals, road rage, you’re either driving too fast or too slow,” Gonzales said.

However, drivers said it’s not just people’s driving, but distractions like talking or texting also stem to aggression.

"I see people on their cell phones all the time,” said Julie Carnanhan, a Texoma driver. “My husband and I ride motorcycles and this one lady almost killed us one time, because she was talking on her one drifting in other lanes just not paying attention.”

DPS said while they will have an increased presence this holiday season, they still advise drivers to drive responsibly.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6