Drought Watch: Home Foundation Effects

Stage four drought restrictions, plus the recent cold weather, have been taking a toll on many Texomans hobbies, lifestyles and now home foundations.

"You have a subterranean fracture and this exterior wall has moved down slightly, causing the wall to rotate away. You can almost bet that when we lift this outside wall the distract will go almost exactly to what it was before and never move again," said owner of Falls Foundation Repair, Mike Minter.

These foundation cracks begin on the outside of your home and then become an inside problem, and it all starts from the clay soil.

"In Wichita Falls we do not have the type of expansive clay that is found along the I-35 corridor or in places like Dallas, Fort Worth or Houston. We have a type of clay that is a more stable soil, " said Minter.

"We see the tell tell stair-step cracked brick on the outside of your home, but the direction of the dry wall crack that you see on the doorways and windows that are running at an angle certainly indicate that we have rotation in the slab itself and quite possibly a foundation failure," said Minter.

When foundation repair companies in Texoma step in to fix your home, they evaluate your property and then look at ways to repair it.

Foundation repairs could cost anywhere from 3 to 5 thousand dollars. Even though most Texoma drought restrictions allow you to water your foundation on a specific day and time, Minter said it isn't the best thing to do.

"Watering your foundation is not going to repair your foundation.  To simply use one of our very precious natural resources with the limited amount of moisture we have is not in the best interest of our society, our area or your home," said Minter.

After the foundation cracks have appeared, it is too late to fix it yourself, but there are ways you can prevent them from happening.

"The biggest reason of foundation failure is around the outside of a home. The number one thing that a homeowner can do to prevent foundation repair is to keep roots, shrubbery and trees away from the foundation," said Minter.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6