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Elevated Fire Dangers

We are used to fighting snow and ice storms during the middle of December, but this year we are also experiencing warm temperatures and a lot of sunshine.

National Weather Service meteorologists in Normon, OK said Texoma could have been at an elevated fire risk on December 18 due to the strong south winds and warmer temperatures. Luckily, the NWS meteorologists don't expect the conditions to warrant a Red Flag Warning.

The NWS will generally issue a Red Flag Warning when the following criteria is met.

1. Sustained winds at 15 mph or greater
2. Humidity levels reach 25 percent or lower
3. Temperatures are above 75 degrees

Battalion Chief Don Groves with the Wichita Falls Fire Department said the daily operation of the fire department doesn't change unless a Red Flag Warning is issued. The department brings in extra fire fighters, use lighter leg gear, and use different trucks.
Even though there isn't a Red Flag Warning for December 19, weather conditions will still favor wild fires on December 19. So, people should still be careful.

Groves recommends people cut down tall grasses as low as they can. Tall grasses are the best fuel for wild fires. He also recommends making sure your fire detector is working in your home.

James Parish, Newschannel 6

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