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Questionable Presentation

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A new dress code policy presentation has some Texoma parents upset. It's not the new rules they're upset about, it’s what was shown.

The way girls have been dressing at Burkburnett Middle School was a problem, so much of a problem, it became a distraction.

"It just something that we're having to respond to because it’s become a distraction to the learning environment," said Principal of Burkburnett Middle School, Scott Slater.

 Principal Slater and the rest of his administrative staff decided to have assemblies to show girls at B.M.S. what and what not to wear at school.

A Power Point was presented to B.M.S. 7th graders on Tuesday with a graphic titled, "Girls Leaving the House Pant-less Syndrome" with words like "camel toe" and "crack is wack"

"I don't think the Power Point, from what I've seen isn't any worse than what these kids see on TV with or without their parents knowledge. Schools have to hit a happy medium, they've got to get their point across and if the kids don't understand what certain things are, visual aids are what helps, said Burkburnett Middle School Parent, Sandy Shawver.

"We want to show exactly what we're talking about and you can’t depend on kids to read something and really get what you're talking about. We gave them a very concrete visual aid and did it in a fun, humorous way that they would relate to," said Slater.

Another B.M.S. parent said, "The words used on the Power Point were vulgar and inappropriate."

Dress codes at B.M.S. are an ongoing battle, but wants girls at B.M.S. to be aware that if you do wear tight clothes, you must have a top long enough.

"Dress code is like the nuclear arms race and that's what we're constantly reacting to.  The excessively tight clothing has really been a problem this school year," said Slater. 

The Power Point was posted to the B.M.S. website. AS a result parents feedback Wednesday morning, it was taken off the site, modified and then re posted.

2 more meetings were held Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the new dress code policy to 6th and 8th graders. The revised Power Point will be shown and the new dress code policy will be enforced when students return in January.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6