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Lawrence Road Traffic

Lawrence Road Traffic

    Even though the holiday shopping season is winding down, high increase of shoppers coming to Wichita Falls is still creating traffic congestion on some of the major roads.

    Texas Department of Transportation Public Information Officer Adele Lewis said that TxDot was approached by the city of Wichita Falls about solutions to the congestion at Lawrence Road and Kell Boulevard.         

    Mark Beauchamp is the Traffic Superintendent for the city of Wichita Falls who will be working with TxDot.
"While no action has been taken yet, TxDot will be working with Wichita Falls to observe traffic counts at the intersection," said Lewis.

    The observation traffic study will begin in January. However as of now, there is no timetable for any action to be taken or confirmation if action would be taken.

    Lewis said there are many factors will be taken into account. The cost that comes with new paint, traffic signs, adjustments to lights and the addition of more cross walk push buttons.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6  

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