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Operation Beat Your Boots

Wichita Falls native Adam Harris may be a retired Army Sergeant but he's still fighting; just not on the battlefield. Harris started his own non-profit to help out wounded veterans. His goal is to give them a positive outlet to help them deal with any dilemmas they might have.

For most, the days leading up to Christmas are usually full of joy and happiness. However for Harris, it brings up bad memories. Nearly four years ago Harris was hit by fragments of an explosive device while fending off gunfire in Afghanistan.

"Whenever people are shopping around just before Christmas Eve, rushing around shopping, all I can think about is that bomb going off," said Harris,"changing my life."

Harris' non-profit has four different programs that include hunting, fishing, camping and even indoor rock climbing. He said that he's is aimed at giving them more than just a regular program he's aimed at giving them something deeper.

"Whenever the soldier completes something or is given that opportunity," said Harris,"it's not a gift he earned that. They might figure out they can do stuff on their own, but I don't want them to have to wait."

The programs offer more than just something to do to stay busy. Harris said that it helps them connect better with nature and even their families.
"The camping is a ton of fun because if some of the family members don't care to fish they just love being out there with the kids," said Harris. "and love watching em run around. You see em all together just happy."
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