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WCSO Upgrades

WCSO Upgrades

Christmas came two days early for the Wichita County Jail and Sheriffs Office when the Wichita Falls County Commissioners approved  $12,000 worth of upgrades during their special session today.
The money for the new equipment was pulled from the Wichita County Sheriffs and Wichita County Jail budgets. One of the biggest items for both departments was the approval of six new Dell Venue tablets for use at the Wichita County Jail. The total cost for the tablets was just shy of $7,000. Wichita County Sheriff Chief Deputy Derek Meador said the buy will save them money in the long term.

"They'll be able to take that work with them right now we have two offices," said Meador,"two separate computers that they have to keep their work on. When they go they'll be able to carry them in the jail. The wireless connectivity that these provide will allow them to access everything they need while they're in the jail. Right now when your out on the floor, somebody may ask a question and you might have to say, let me go find out. One of the things that this will allow them to do is do their jobs at all times."

The least expensive item approved for both departments was the purchase of seventy-five sets of handcuffs and cases, for just over $2,000. Meador said it has been several years since they last ordered any. The cuffs will be issued out to officers when they come on duty.
"When they're using department issued handcuffs, that the sheriffs office issues," said Meador, "then we can make sure they are properly maintained and kept clean, lubed as they're supposed to be. They function better and they're safer for everybody."
The sheriffs department will be receiving three tasers, cases and 43 taser cartridges. Meador said that the taser is the best non-lethal weapon tool that he has ever used in law enforcement.

"They will incapacitate just about everybody," said Meador,"there are some circumstances where they are not effective; but we try to make sure all of our officers on the streets and in the jail have access to them and today was just to replace some of the ones that are old and worn out and also to get some cartridges to allow us to continue to use them."  

Meador said there's no timetable for when the tools will be ready for the Sheriffs Office and Jail.

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