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Holiday Return Policy Changes

All across Texoma parking lots are packed and retail stores are busy as Christmas nears, but something to keep in mind as you do last minute shopping, store return policies.

John Capps, a frequent Wal-Mart shopper said he is familiar with Wal-Marts return and exchange policy, but realizes everyone’s return and exchange policies are different.

"Best Buy they're pretty strict about there’s [return policy]. I think its fifteen days." Capps said while he mostly shops at Wal-Mart he is conscious of stores return and exchange policies when making large purchases.

“Usually if it’s a larger gift, I want to make sure how long I have to return it or how long the person I’m giving it to has to return it,” said John. “But if it is a smaller gift I don’t really pay attention to it.”

However, hassle free returns are a thing of the past. This holiday season several retail stores have made significant changes to its return period and policies.

Holiday return policy changes:

·         Best Buy shortened its holiday return period. Last year shoppers had until Jan. 24 to return items, but this years’ return deadline is Jan. 15.

·         Sears has a list of its return policy with different return days depending on the item listed on its website.

·         Toys R’ Us extended its holiday return period until Jan. 25, but shortened its return window from 45 to 30 days, depending on item and if you purchased it on or after Nov. 1.

·         Wal-Mart return policy is the same from last year, except if you do not have a receipt they will issue your refund on a store gift card.

·         Target return policy is 90 days for most items, but 30 days for electronics. However, it offers its store cardholders an extended return date.

Sheryln Finch, a new resident and shopper in Texoma said when she chooses a place to do her holiday shopping convenience is key.

“It’s a big deal to me to be able to go to a place where I know I could return something easily if it doesn’t work for whatever reason,” said Sherlyn.

While Sherlyn prefers convenience she understands companies have to put these policies in place to protect its inventory, but after all she is a customer.

"I understand their side of it, but as a customer/consumer it’s nice to have one that's easy just to return and show that it came from that store,” said Sheryln.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6
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