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Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

Twas' the night before Christmas, and many Texomans were out shopping for last minute gifts.

The parking lot at the Lawrence Road Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve was filled with people still looking for holiday gifts.

"I'm here to do some Christmas shopping for myself, my ex-wife and my kids. I don't have time to do what I want to do because of my job. I have three different jobs that keep me very busy. I don't have time to go out and shop like I'd really want to," said holiday shopper, Roger Tubbs.

We're just getting last minute things for Christmas dinner. We've been so busy with our gift shopping that we forgot last minute food items," said holiday shoppers, Shawn and Cindy Groves.

Tuesday, many retailers not just Wal-Mart, had full parking lots, long lines and thick crowds.

"I'm out here trying to beat the crowds, but there are a lot of people here," said holiday shopper Dionne Flores.

Though the large crowds may scare away some holiday shoppers, others enjoy it.

We just wanted to come enjoy walking around, window shopping and enjoying the crowds of people.  We like things like that and plus we wanted to see some of the things we might be interested in buying after Christmas," said holiday shopper Debbie McCann.

It's also the after Christmas deals that are drawing in a lot of Texoma shoppers on Christmas Eve.

"I'm sure all the stores will have good deals," said McCann.

A lot of Texoma retailers did extend their shopping hours for Christmas Eve, allowing last minute shoppers to look for last minute gifts.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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