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The Felix Lister Elks Lodge Serves Christmas Dinner

One of the few places open today serving warm, Christmas meals to those in need was the Felix Lister Elks Lodge on 811 Homes Ave.

"It was a very good meal, wonderful! I got the turkey, ham, dressing and green beans," said Christmas diner, Rose Gelacio.

The Christmas meals began at 11 Christmas morning and ended at 2 that afternoon and there was absolutely no shortage of food.

"Most of the food was donated by the members of Elk's Lodge and of course a couple of businesses like Davenport Groceries.  We also had some of the people who picked up dinners on Thanksgiving give us donations, so we put it back towards Christmas dinner," said Daughter Ruler for the Felix Lister Elks Lodge, Diana Wyatt.

Members of the Elks Lodge started preparing for Christmas meals for Texoma residents this past Friday and worked nonstop until Monday evening.

The Felix Lister Elks Lodge doesn't’t just serve Christmas dinners, they do it all.

 "We've done things like help people with their utility bills grocery bills, rent and anything that we're asked to do if we can do it. We usually find a way to get it done," said Wyatt.

2013 isn't the first year the Elks Lodge has given Christmas meals to the community. The serving of Christmas meals began in 2000.

Since the majority of eateries were closed, many Texoma residents had no idea the Lodge was open, but people came by word of mouth.

"My mom and my brother came in from Dallas and we were looking for a place to eat. Everything was closed and somebody told us about coming over here," said Gelacio.

Those who helped out on Christmas said serving the community was a good feeling.

"It's a great feeling especially on Christmas," said Elks Lodge helper, Cybree Williams.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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