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Christmas Salvation

 While most businesses and public buildings were closed on Christmas, the Salvation Army remained open for the organization's daily lunch.
 Marisa Brown, Samantha Schade and Jimmy Elms drove in from Holliday to volunteer and serve those in need this holiday.
 On a day when most kids are excited about what they receive, the trio were focused on what they could give.
 "I would just like to help those people who don't have food or a family to go to go to on Christmas," said Elms.
 Schade and Elms said that they have volunteered at the Salvation Army before.
  "Jimmy and I came here over Thanksgiving too. So we thought why not do it again for Christmas," said Schade.
 Larry Johnson cooks the soup for the Salvation Army at 403 7th Street. He has been cooking there for over 3 years and does not mind working on the holidays.
 "Somebody's got to do it," said Johnson,"why not me. I do whatever I got to do."
 Lawrence Hastings and Patricia Morales braved the cold weather to get a warm meal. The two are actually siblings and are the only two left in their family. They said they are happy to spend Christmas together.
  "Well I came to see my brother. Come here, I want you over here with me," said Morales as she pulls her brother close to her."Yes, thats why I'm here. It's about family and love."
 At noon the doors finally opened and the two were able to enjoy one more Christmas with each other.

Jack Carney Newschannel 6
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