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Holiday Package Delays

The combination of a short holiday shopping season, bad winter weather, and spike in late online shopping sales has caused some UPS deliveries to fall behind schedule. Shannon Stefanik of Wichita Falls made sure she did not have to worry during the holidays by getting her holiday shopping done in October.

"I've already seen how bad it works in the past of people stealing stuff. And stuff not getting delivered," said Stefanik, "so I wanted to avoid that at all cost. I have a three year old. That was my whole point making sure we had Christmas, on Christmas day."

Cindy Maloney of Wichita Falls said she had no trouble sending or receiving her holiday packages and gifts. However, Maloney said it was a different story for her family members.

"One of my cousins, she actually had a package that she was expecting. They called UPS and they said it was delivered to her porch; it was left on her porch," said Maloney, "but it wasn't there. First she thought someone had stolen it. Two days later here comes a lady a stranger a perfect stranger came to her house and said this was left on my porch. Not even the same neighborhood a complete different neighborhood."
UPS sent out this statement earlier today.

"We understand the importance of your holiday shipments. However, the volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity of our network." - UPS statement.

There has been no word yet if UPS will refund customers who's guaranteed delivery packages did not make it to their destination in time.

Amazon, who uses UPS to ship goods, has offered customers gift cards and other forms of compensation for the delays.
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