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World War II Veterans' Salute

A World War II veterans’ son fights for his father more than 30 years after his death.

“Thirty one years that my father has passed away and he didn’t get a military send off for his funeral,” said Rodney Williams, son of World War II veteran.

Nelson Williams, a US army veteran served our country in World War II. Williams was honorably discharged from the military and died in November 29, 1982, but never received a proper military burial.

“My fiance Paula, me and her were talking about it one day and she brought it to my attention that by him being a veteran that he should have been able to a military send off,” said Rodney.

A send off Rodney said is long overdue.

“It was something that always bothered me. That something else should have been done for him, by him being a veteran too,” said Rodney.

Williams said the process to get his father honored for his service is a process worth the long wait.

“I know it’s a longtime but knowing for a fact that this is going to happen, he is going to get the proper send off and he’s going to be recognized as a veteran,” said Rodney. “I’m going to feel a lot better.”

A lot better knowing his father will be finally remembered for his services 30 years after his death.

“It will be special. It will mean a lot to me and hopefully it will mean a lot him even though he passed away,” said Rodney.

Rodney said he only knew his father for four years before he died, but said the time they spent together he will cherish forever. He also said this is just another way of saying thanks for serving our country.

A full military salute for Nelson Williams is scheduled for January 3rd at Wichita County Cemetery.

 Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6
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