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Christmas Tree Disposal

Wichita Falls Sanitation Department has four drop off locations for residents to get rid of their Christmas trees at no charge. WFSD will be recycling the trees by grounding them up and spreading them as mulch throughout the city parks.

Some residents are recycling their trees for ecological reasons.

"It's a huge benefit," said Jeff hill, "it's a win-win for everybody. It does our ecology some good to take those trees and re-use them, as well as preserve some of that moisture."

There are other residents who are looking to get rid of their old tree before they kick off their new year.

"They serve their purpose for the Christmas season," said Shane Brown, "now it's no longer needed."

All of the trees coming to the dumping me must be completely stripped of their stand. However, if you have any decorations or Christmas lights, don't worry they can still be accepted.

The program will end on Wednesday, January 15th at park locations. Trees left out by the curb for pickup during the regular trash schedule will not be picked up by sanitation employees. For more information please contact Dave Lehfeldt at (940)761-7977.

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