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Drone Possibilities in Texoma?

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The Federal Aviation Administration announced Monday that it would allow six states to develop testing sites for drones and Texas was one of them.

Newschannel 6 spoke with Texomans and an aviation official about the news to see how this emerging technology could change the dynamic of aviation and what it impact it could make here in Texoma in the future.

 “I think drone technology will certainly be a part of our future, said Jon Hurry, lifelong resident of Wichita Falls. “I believe once they figure out all the details about the restricted air space and work out all the safety details out, it will be a pretty common thing.”

“It’s not a bad idea, but in the long run you would be taking jobs away. Plus, you know someone else can follow that drone to see where it is going,” said Tim McGarvy, a Texoma resident.

Stephanie Kronlein, a Texoma resident doesn’t think all technology should always be used.

“There are things that can advance us and things that can make things worse. Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should,” said Stephanie.

John Burrus, Director of Aviation Traffic and Transportation in Wichita Falls is also intrigued by the new innovation but also has some questions on what affect drone usage will have on current aviation traffic.

“How is that communication link taking place between the operator on the ground and the aircraft or drone up in the sky?” said Burrus.

Burrus like some Texomans likes the thought of the technology but is not sure how it will coincide with the current aviation operations.

“I think as the FAA learns more about the technology as well, we’re going to see how we balance unmanned flight technology with air traffic control and general aviation,” said Burrus.

In addition to drones being used for business purposes, he thinks there is a pretty good possibility farmers in Texoma could also benefit from this technology. However, he believes there is a lot of research and testing that needs to be done beforehand.

“Anywhere from insecticide to herbicide management of crops, but again you have to balance that with the needs of the existing air traffic that’s already in this air space,” said Burrus.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6