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New Years Resolution

New Year's Day gives people a sense of a new beginning and a chance to make a New Years resolution. However according to, only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions.
 Many Texomans don't let those statistics stand in their way from achieving a goal. This new year, Jessica Lunte has decided to go for her own resolution goal. She was inspired by a friend, whose resolution to lose weight was successful.
 "I wanna run a half marathon. Train and try to stick to a good training program and successfully run. I need a goal to keep me charged. I think a resolution is a good thing," said Lunte.
 Beth Kirkland said she set multiple goals for 2014. She's hoping to live a healthier life, exercise and spend more time with family. 
 "I think it's because it's new beginnings," said Kirkland, "and new beginnings are always fun. It's almost like you can wipe your slate clean and something about this year being new."
 Psychologist Kim Robinson said for people to be successful with a New Year's resolution, they need to dedicate themselves.
 "The problem is not a lot of people are able to maintain those resolutions. They start with greatest of intentions and that's where it gets hard," said Robinson.
In order to help build motivation to accomplish a goal, writing it down and sharing it with friends and family is a good option.
 "The secret of this is to break it down into very small action steps," said Robinson."Something I begin today with in the next 24 hours, and get me on the road and pathway to whatever that resolution is."

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