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Tips From Servers

Staff at Denim & Diamonds were preparing Tuesday night for a parade of Texomans to come and celebrate the New Year safely.

“This is probably one of the biggest nights of the year,” said Jamie Lavery, General Manager at Denim & Diamonds nightclub. “We’re hoping for a good crowd and good time.”

Newschannel 6 stopped by to see how they were preparing and what preventative measures they were taking to keep patrons safe.

“If they’re over intoxicated, we stop serving them at that time,” said Lavery. “When they’re at that point they normally don’t want to stop.”

Lavery said his staff is always watching patrons for signs like:

·         a person slurring in speech

·         stumbling or falling

·         falling to sleep at the bar

If bartenders see any of these signs, they call management and will walk the person to the front and help them find a ride home. However, Lavery said sometimes approaching a patron about consuming too many drinks is not always an easy task.

“You definitely have to worry about them getting upset or angry,” said Lavery.

While it may be difficult task to do, the staff at Denim & Diamonds understands said it’s a risk that they’re willing to take.

“It’s better that you cut them off versus them getting over intoxicated and trying to leave or drive home.”

In addition to them taking a pro-active approach to addressing the issue, they also post signs all over its establishment to remind patrons of options of transportation.

"Well we do offer operation safe ride. We by all means possible will get them a safe ride home. Whether its call a friend, call a cab or we will offer to pay for the cab if need be,” said Lavery.

In past years, local taxi companies offered individuals under the influence a ride home, but this year they did not offer that service. Instead the local Triple AAA were towing individuals’ vehicles and giving them a lift home.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6
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