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Faith Refuge Career Academy

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Faith Refuge is now accepting applications to its Career Academy. 

The Career Academy is open to the public, but is only for women.

 The Career Academy semester begins January 6th ands lasts 12 weeks.

The Faith Refuge Career Academy helps women provide with personal and professional skills as they enter the workforce. Women will also learn how 
to go on interviews and to become a valuable employee.

Faith Refuge is also partnering with businesses around the community for the Career Academy. Local businesses will bring in speakers who will talk about what they look for in their industry. These businesses will also be accepting applications from the Career Academy graduates. Faith Refuge is also partnering with the Region 9 Service Education Center to help women get their GED.

Faith Refuge is located at 710 East Hatton Rd in Wichita Falls. Call Faith Refuge at 930-322-4673 for an application. 

Spots are still open. Faith Refuge hopes to have about 20 students.