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Plus Size Barbie Doll Sparks Controversy

The Barbie doll has been an iconic children's toy for decades, but should toy makers abandon Barbie's famous pencil thin physique for a bigger body?

Controversy is brewing over a request to remake the iconic Barbie doll bigger and fuller than what so many girls knew growing up.

The social media firestorm sparked over a plus size Barbie doll photo posted on Plus Size Modeling's Facebook page. It has generated over 42,000 likes and 5,800 comments in a short period of time.  But not everyone is a fan of the idea.

"I think it's a bad idea. The Barbie looks unhealthy," said Wichita Falls resident Crystal Noland.

Those against this idea said features like the doll's triple chin and short dress can be a problem, sending young girls the wrong message.

"Is she wearing lingerie? I don't like what she's wearing," said Johnny Buckingham, another Wichita Falls resident.

"I just think it promotes the fact that it's okay to be unhealthy. The chin, it puts out the message that it's okay to be overweight when it's not a good healthy thing," said Noland.

But other Texomans see it as a welcome addition to the toy aisle, adding that they would purchase it for their kids.

"It addresses a correct issue on life. There's people struggling with weight problems and there's no reason a doll shouldn't be overweight," said Wichita Falls resident James Lynch.

Another Texoma resident Leesa Atkins agreed. "We're all different shapes, sizes and ethnicities. I think that's just part of our make-up and an accepted thing. I would buy that in addition to the others to have mixtures of all different types of dolls," she said.

Atkins believes it all comes down to good parenting skills whether Barbie is thin or not.

"Whatever size doll you buy your child, whether it's the think Barbie or the plus size doll, it depends on parent's attitude toward it. It makes all the difference," she said.

Barbie's maker Mattel has not yet commented on if they will make the plus size Barbie.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel 6.

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