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Jury Selection Continues in a Wichita County Murder Trial

The trial of man charged with murder started Monday. 

Residents of Wichita County who had jury duty were at the County Courthouse and separated into multiple groups, some for Benefield's trial and others for other trials that will happen throughout the week. 

72 people were chosen as potential jurors for Benefield's trial and only 12 of those will become his jurors.

Brent Benefield is charged with Injury to a Child Causing Serious Bodily Injury or Death.

The incident happened in February 2012.  Police were called to a home in the 4300 block of McNeil Avenue.  Emergency Responders worked to help an unresponsive child who was coughing up blood.

In the affidavit Benefield claimed the child went limp and became unresponsive while he was changing the child’s diaper.  However, when questioned, he was unable to provide an explanation as to what happened to the child.

The baby died at Cook’s Children’s Hospital four days later.

Monday, before the judge released the potential jurors to lunch, he went over rules and the possible trial schedule. After lunch, the judge told the 72 potential jurors before going forward with jury selection, he needed take care of a procedural matter regarding Benefield's case.
The 72 potential jurors who were chosen to be a part of  Benefield's trial have to back in court Tuesday morning to finish the jury selection process

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