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Same Training Shorter Time

The time training requirements in order to receive your Texas Concealed Handgun License have been shrunk from 10 hours to four hours.

Chris Reitsma is a local Texoman who played a big part in helping bring about change to those time requirements.  Reitsma owns and operates his own CHL training class.  Last year Reitsma went to Austin and testified in favor for the new time changes.  He argued that the student of a CHL class retains more information in a smaller time frame.

Dale Richey of Archer City says the shorter time was beneficial for him.

"It's short enough now to keep it interesting rather than a long drawn out class.  Where you tend not to pay so much attention towards the end of the day," said Richey about the new time requirements.

Richey also explained, "I definitely feel comfortable it offers the basic knowledge that you need to get started with."

Newschannel 6 Jack Carney took part in a CHL training class Sunday.  After more than three hours of reviewing gun safety and law, students were given a paper test before they could go through the shooting portion of the training.

"The Texas CHL is not really based on accuracy or marksmanship," said Reitsma,"it's more based on safe handling, to prove that you know how to safely handle that firearm.  It takes training, any CHL holder should pursue additional training or practice on their own after they get their license."

Oppressors of the time changes say that smaller hours will lead to bigger gun safety problems. Reitsma looks to the constitution.

"To those who oppose it, I say to them, the second amendment says we have the right to keep and bare arms; it mentions nothing about training at all."

After the training was over all 16 students in today's class were informed they had passed.  Thanks to the new time changes, the class was finished in less than five hours.

Jack Carney Newschannel 6

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