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Easing Voter Traffic

The Wichita County Commissioners Court wants to give you more room to vote.

Monday the first WCCC meeting of 2014, commissioners approved an $8,740.00 bid to tear down the west wall of the early voting room at the courthouse and join the early voting room with an adjacent room. The commissioners say this will help meet early voting use.

"The room was too small for our machines," said Wichita County Clerk Lori Bohannon. "You couldn't get the number of machines we needed in there and have any privacy. As I said in court, you couldn't get a wheel chair in there. So, increasing the room is going to help a whole lot and make it easier for the voters who come downtown to vote."    

The move to expand the early voting room comes just over a month before early voting for early voting period that begins Febuary 18th. The Primary election is March 4th.

"We've always done early voting here at the courthouse. This is the main early voting spot," said Bohannon. "We also have five other locations. We've had to use a conference room on the new renovated part of the second floor, so they'll just move it down there for what the room is built for."

Wichita County Commissioner Bill Presson of Precinct Four said the room expansion will do more than just ease voter traffic at the courthouse.

"We have the Primary coming up, and do we want to crowd everybody in there again? The answer is no. We don't want to crowd everybody in there. We want to get plenty of room and have a room that can also double as an assembly room, as a room for a conference. So we really are getting double duty out of the rooms."

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