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Are You Feeling Down?

Are you feeling depressed? Monday, January 6 is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.

Dr. Cliff Arnall, a psychologist at Cardiff University came up with a formula using six factors to determine what many now refer to as "Blue Monday."

“We can pick any day to have a bad day. We don’t need some researcher out there to tell us we’re going to have a bad day,” said Dawn Thompson, Results Coach and Owner of Spa Bella.

And on Monday some Texomans were a little down. Especially Aaron Esquibel, a Texoma resident who has been unemployed since August.

“It’s a Monday, beginning of the week. Just wish I can get the phone call I want,” said Aaron. “I’m looking for another job, for a better job.”

Mona Miller, a Texoma resident, said she’s not in the greatest mood to start the New Year.

“So far, not very great. My husband lost his job two days after Christmas due to the elimination of his position,” said Miller. “Now we’re just trying to hope and pray that the New Year brings in other jobs and more hope than 2013.”

Thompson said for those having a rough start to the New Year, there are several things you can do to make 2014 a more positive year.

“Just know that you definitely can get back on track,” said Thompson. “Take a notebook out and start writing things that you love. What do you love? What excites you? If you start really getting into that, you'll start changing your whole physiology, psychology, for your whole year. That's just so important to stay in that positive way of thinking."

Thompson also said if people work on two of the things they are working to achieve a day. It will help them m ore likely to succeed and discover their passion and purpose in life.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 
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