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Electra Searching For New Police Chief

After months of controversy the City of Electra has finally decided the fate of its police chief.

Local residents packed commission chambers Tuesday night. It was standing room only. City Commissioners held a special meeting to decide whether or not they should dismiss Police Chief Johnny Morris from his post.

“I would like to know some answers,” said Leona Cheney, a longtime resident of Electra.

In a 4-to-1 vote, City Commissioners dismissed Johnny Morris as the City of Electra’s police chief.

“Nobody wants to tell us anything that Johnny’s done wrong. We would just like to know what’s going on,” said Leona.

That also seemed to be the same plea from Morris as well. When he addressed residents and City Commissioners he requested the council provide evidence of his wrongdoing and his lack of ability to do the job.

“I am requesting that I be notified of the specific allegations of incompetence and given specific to who is my accuser,” said Morris.  

City Commissioners never provided Morris with specific reasoning for his termination outside of the 28 deficiencies the City Administrator, Larry Pannell provided the chief with weeks earlier.

“They’re afraid to tell us. They act like we’re little kids and we don’t know what’s right for us, said Leona. “I don’t understand why they can’t tell us what they got right up their sleeves. What did Johnny do?”

A number of Morris supporters voiced their concerns prior to the Commissioner’s vote.

“I’ve been here ten years and have not known the chief to do anything bad,” said, one supporter of Johnny Morris.

“We’re taking a stand. We are taking a stand to get our town back, get our police department back and get our dispatchers back,” said one woman whose focus was to unite the town again.

However, not all residents were present to support Morris. One Electra resident felt that the city should not only remove Morris but also rebuild the police department from the ground up.

“This isn’t Johnny’s town. This is our town. We want our town back,” said an Electra resident, requesting the removal of the police chief. “We need a whole new police department. That’s what it all boils down to. We need to get rid of everybody and start over.”

And that seems to be the case for the city of Electra. Former Police Chief Johnny Morris will have to hand in his uniform on Wednesday. And until further notice, Wichita County Sheriff deputies will continue patrolling the city until it appoints a new police chief and hires new officers.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6
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