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Kick Starting Kids Health

Kids today are not as physically fit as their parents' generation, according to a recent study by the Centers for Disease and Prevention.

Michelle McCoy, Child Care Branch Director at the YMCA in Wichita Falls, said the YMCA understands obesity is a big problem. The organization puts a lot of attention on trying to educate kids about exercising and eating healthy.

“Recently we held an energized workshop where the youth in the community would be able to come out and learn about food intake as well as energy out [exercising],” said McCoy.

But McCoy said the YMCA can only do so much. She said it really starts with parents at home.

“Getting active and staying active, and being that role model for your kids,” said McCoy.

McCoy said the YMCA offers a number of programs that benefit kids and parents.

"We get them involved with family Zumba. We get them involved in gymnastics. We get them involved in all types of activities and nutritional opportunities,” said McCoy. “We want to make sure that parents are being active with the kids.”

Kathy Roberson said both of her kids are in programs at the YMCA. Roberson said last year she helped coach her son, and now has him doing physical activities at home.

 “Lately I’ve been telling him he needs to get outside, walk around, do some jogging and stuff like that to stay in shape,” said Roberson.

Gabe Vasquez has two daughters. He signed his oldest daughter up for soccer when she was three, but focuses a lot of attention on disciplining himself so that he can be the example for his kids.

“In order to teach them, I have to be disciplined," said Vasquez. “I can’t be an overweight person and be expecting my kids to be fit. So, I have to be physically active as well.”

In addition to participating in healthy activities with their kids, these parents are also watching what their kids eat.

“I’ve been working on more of a strict diet, less junk food,” said Roberson.

Vasquez said he not only watches what his kids eat, but he also limits the time his kids spend playing on tablets and video games.

Below is a list of websites that offer advice for healthy on eating and exercising.


Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6  
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