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Beware of Tax Scams This Tax Season

The Internal Revenue Service has become aware of taxpayers who have been victimized by individuals pretending to be tax preparers and tricking people into filing fraudulent returns.

Newschannel 6 talked to a professional tax service provider about some of those popular tax scams.

Gene Nadeau, Manager at Liberty Tax Service said when choosing someone to do your taxes, make sure they have lots of experience.

“When you’re looking for someone to do your taxes, they should have been in business for a number of years.”

Nadeau said he’s been doing taxes for over 10 years and during that time he’s encountered many different scams. A popular one, individuals pretending to be tax preparers and duping taxpayers on his/her return.

“Refunds should never be co-mingled with the tax-payers’ money,” said Nadeau. “When the refund goes into that individuals [tax preparers] bank account and they give you what they want of it.”

Not only do you have to watch the person you file your tax returns with, but sometimes it can happen by the people you least expect, family.

“There are instances where you may have your boyfriend or girlfriend living with you and they steal the information for your children and use it,” said Nadeau.

Nadeau said he’s even dealt with filings where it involved custody issues.

“Sometimes there’s an issue with who can’t claim a dependent between a mom and dad,” said Nadeau.

But that scam that seems to be the most common, people being tricked into filing their taxes early.

“Anyone that is saying you’re going to get a refund before the end of January, they can’t do that. Because the IRS doesn’t event accept the tax returns until January 31. So their refund can’t come out until February,” said Nadeau.

He said to avoid encountering any trouble with filing, taxpayers should:

·         Choose a reputable person/company to file with

·         Get a signed copy of your Tax Return

·         Never use a pay stub to file, not legal

·         Avoid making fraudulent claims

·         Make sure person/company you file with has a IRS tax identification number

Because no matter whom you file your taxes with, you are responsible for what’s on your tax return.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 
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