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Community Service Champion: Smokin Jesus Ministries

Our Newschannel 6 January Community Service Champion is a family who strives to make a difference to those who may be at a down time of their lives through a ministry that is conducted out of the trunk of a car.
When you meet the Nix family the first thing they will tell you is they are nothing special.
"They will be called oaks of righteousness it's a planting of the Lord for the display of the splendor," reads Stacey Nix from a Bible. "That's what our scripture is for this ministry is that we're nobody. We're jacked up and we need help you know? We're just doing what God's calling us to do. We're nobody special," Stacey said.
Rusty and Stacy Nix have been visiting apartment complexes and motels in Wichita Falls for just over three years.  
They take what has been donated to them and give to those who need it. It started with sandwiches and prayer. Now they are reaching out to more and more people to give them hope.
"The hope is a lot of times what is missing in people's lives," said Rusty Nix. "Once that hope is gone, the destiny is what is non-existent.  So, what we encourage people to do is say listen for whether or not Jesus is real."
Rusty and Stacey take their two boys and little girl with them every weekend when they reach out to those who count on them for help. The ministry started at a grocery store on 9th street with just some food and faith. Now, they reach out to more and more people every weekend. Meeting new faces and sharing their love for Jesus and trying their best to make a difference in the lives of anyone willing to lend and ear and open their heart to the Lord.
"All we do is we're here. We don't put on anything. We're consistent. We're consistent. We're consistent. We say, 'hey can we pray with you?' Jesus is real. 'Can we pray with you?'" said Rusty.
It is a touching scene to watch the Nix family do their thing. They have hopes of someday expanding their ministry to not only help the people in the locations they visit, but to some day make a difference for someone who wants to not only get by, but who wants to get back on their feet.
"Learn how to manage their money, so they know instead of paying $600 a month at the Catalina or the La Posada, they can take that money and budget it and know how to spend their money to get a house or an apartment and to bless others," said Stacey.
Rusty and Stacey are the Smokin Jesus Ministry. It got the name a while back when Stacey was asked by someone who had come to get a sandwich what she had been smoking. Her reply was, "Jesus." If you'd like to help the Nix family and Smokin Jesus Ministries you can contact them at 940-235-6826 or email They also have a Smokin Jesus Ministries page on Facebook.

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