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Benefield Trial Resumes

On Monday, January 12, Brent Benefield was back in court. He is being charged with Injury to a Child Causing Death and Assault Causing Bodily Injury to a Family Member for Alleged Continuous Violence Against his Wife.

Trial resumed with the testimony of Detective Todd Henderson of the Wichita Falls Police Department Crimes Against Children Unit. He said Benefield was the only suspect that could not be eliminated. Benefield was the only one with the child during the time of the injury.

Sarah Price, who is the mother of Benefield's deceased son, took the stand after Henderson. She was first questioned about her medical history. She admitted she suffers from depression and did suffer from Postpartum Depression. Price even said she has thought about hurting her children.

After she was questioned about her medical history, she was asked to talk about her marriage with Benefield. Price said the relationship was rocky at times. They constantly had financial issues and problems with being faithful. Price even accused Benefield of assaulting her. "More than five times but less than fifty," said Price.

Even though Price accused Benefield of assaulting her, she said she never thought Benefield would harm their children.

Price and Benefield's professional counselor was next to take the stand. She reiterated that the couple had problems. However, she said Price had unrealistic expectations. Price wanted Benefield to work and to be a stay at home father at the same time. The counselor also commented that Benefield became very angry at one of the sessions. She even had to ask him to leave.

Tania Rushing, who was the principal at Fowler Elementary when Price did her student teaching there, also testified. Rushing was with Price when she first heard the news of her child going to the hospital. Rushing said "Price was puzzled. The first thing she said was, 'What has he done?'"

James Parish, Newschannel 6  


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