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Benefield Trial Continues

The trial of Brent Benefield resumed on Tuesday, January 13. He is being charged with Injury to a Child Causing Death and Assault Causing Bodily Injury to a Family Member for Alleged Continuous Violence Against his Wife.

The trial began with the continued testimony of Dr. Judith Beechlor. Dr. Beechlor is an expert in abusive relationships. Even though she never counseled Benefield or Sarah Price, the wife of Benefield and mother of  his deceased son, said the relationship was consistent with an abusive one. She also said women usually do not lie about being abused.

Dr. Jack Price, who is a clinical forensic psychologist and has no relation to Sarah Price, was the third witness. Dr. Price also never counseled Sarah Price but was given her medical records. After analyzing her records, Dr. Price concluded that she has suffered from depression and Postpartum Depression. Dr. Price said it is normal for woman who suffer from Postpartum Depression to think about harming their children, which is what Sarah Price has admitted to.

The child's pediatrician, Dr. Karen Reed, didn't suspect anything until the child came into her office with a spiral fracture. At the time she just thought the parents did not know how to handle their baby. So, she did not immediately contact Child Protective Services.

Dr. Hayden Head, who is a radiologist, was the last person to testify. He showed multiple x-ray images and CT and  MRI scans. The x-ray images showed multiple corner fractures. Dr. Head said the corner fractures could have been caused by shaking the child. However, Dr. Head said the injuries could have occurred weeks before the child was taken to the hospital. Dr. Head also compared x-ray images of the child with someone who had Rickets to determine if he had a Vitamin D deficiency or an abnormal bone mineralization. Dr. Head concluded the child's bones showed neither.

The CT and MRI scans showed that multiple areas of the brain were injured. Benefield's son suffered from a Subdural Hematoma.

Some of Benefield's supporters showed a lot of emotion during some of the testimony.

James Parish, Newschannel 6 


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