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Benefield Trial: Defense Calls Witnesses

The Brent Benefield Trial continued Wednesday at Wichita County Courthouse.  Benefield is accused of causing bodily injuring to his four month old son Lucas Benefield that ultimately caused his death.

Wednesday afternoon the defense attorney's for Brent Benefield called its witness, Doctor Joseph Scheller to the stand.

Dr. Scheller has practiced as a pediatric doctor but currently specializes in Pediatric Neurology.  He said he has over 25 years in the medical profession.  The pediatric neurologist has no affiliation with Lucas Benefield, but was called in to testify on the behalf of the defense. The defense is using his testimony to point out that the child's death was not caused by severe head trauma.  

During Dr. Scheller's testimony he reviewed the CAT scan and MRI taken of Lucas Benefield's head and neck the day he was taken to Cook's Children's Hospital.  He thoroughly explained to the jurors and court his diagnosis and the reason he believes the child did not suffer blunt trauma to his head and did not suffer any injury to his neck.  Dr. Scheller said he looked at three different types of scans of Lucas Benefield and the injuries the child suffered from were indicative of a blood clot that led to a seizure, which ultimately caused him to stop breathing and later died.  He said the MRI showed severe brain injury in the middle of his brain.

The state's prosecution team dug up past cases that Dr. Scheller testified in. Prosecution team believes his past history in diagnosing head traumas is questionable.  Dr. Scheller was the last person to testify in court. The court will resume again Thursday at 30th District Court at the Wichita County Courthouse.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6

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