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Benefield Trial: More Key Witnesses Take the Stand

Brent Benefield's trial continued Thursday at the Wichita County Courthouse. He is being accused of causing bodily injury to his 4 month old son Lucas Benefield that ultimately caused his death.

The defense called forth key witnesses to the stand, who all have close relationships with Benefield.

Roper Gunther, an Archer County sheriff deputy and Benefield's close friend testified first. He said Benefield has "always been laid back" and he never noticed any violent characteristics. Gunther also said he has been around Benefield and his ex-wife Sarah Price multiple times. Each time he recalled Price being confrontational and would easily blow up.

Next, Benefield's biological mother Terry Daugherty was called to the stand. She said her son had no history of violence and they were a very close knit family. However, she stated she was disturbed by the verbal abuse Benefield received from Price. Daugherty mentioned she wants custody of Logan Benefield, the older son between Price and Benefield.

Also called to the stand was Diana Benefield, Benefield's first wife. They have one daughter together who is now 8. She stated Benefield was a great dad and never lost his temper nor was violent towards either of them. They were married for about 5 years and said she would trust their daughter in Benefield's hands.

Diana's mother and Benefield's ex-mother in law was also called to the stand. She said she had a great relationship with Benefield and she feels comfortable having her granddaughter around him. She also claimed she never saw violence and abuse from Benefield.

The last to take the stand was Veronica Davidson. She has been friends with Benefield for over 19 years. She was very emotional on the stand and said Benefield is a great dad and would never hurt his kids. She has two children of her own, unrelated to Benefield and said she trusts him with her kids even now.

Benefield's trial will resume on Tuesday at 9 a.m. due to scheduling conflicts with out of town witnesses. Stay with Newschannel 6 as we continue to bring you the latest updates from the trial.


Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel 6.

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