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MLK Prayer & Scholarship Breakfast

Nearly 1,000 people gathered Saturday as the Martin Luther King Center hosted its 25th Annual Prayer and Scholarship Breakfast at the MPEC in Wichita Falls.

There were local, state and even national leaders attending Saturdays MLK breakfast. United States Congressman Mac Thornberry said he was happy to be back in his district at such an important community event.

"It's always nice to have a breath of fresh Texas air, but this is an important community event," said Thornberry, "commemorating of course the life of Doctor King, but even more than that what he stood for. That we would look at each other for the content of our character, instead of the color of our skin"

The MLK Center gave out nearly 17 scholarships, totaling $24,000, to local Wichita Falls students.  Steve Nash, Director of the MLK Center in Wichita Falls, said the event is made to give hope to the areas youth.

"What we do with the proceeds from the breakfast is we pour it back into a scholarship fund to get kids into college," said Nash, "If you believe what Martin Luther King talks about and preached about, you know that education was one of his chief messages. So if were gonna believe what he believed in, we got to educate our youth."

Wichita Falls Mayor Glenn Barham said that he's proud his city host an event that not only honors American leaders of the past, but also gives hope and invests in the future leaders of Wichita falls.

"The scholarships that the breakfast funds every year speaks very highly of the organization," said Barham, "It's the future, those are the ones that are going to be leading this country; leading cities, counties, and states in the future. This breakfast helps get people through the education process that they need to take part in."

Monday, January 20th is National Martin Luther King Junior Day.

Jack Carney Newschannel 6

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