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Busy Stores on MLK Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a national holiday. Most government offices, schools and businesses were closed which means a lot of Texomans had the day off.

Many retail businesses were hoping MLK Day would give them a boost in revenue like most other holidays.

"Holidays definitely have the potential to be a bigger day... I would say we have a 25% increase in foot traffic," said Co-Owner of Gotta Lotta Rugs Russell Givens.

Gotta Lotta Rugs wasn't the only store expecting to see an increase in potential shoppers. Co-Owner of Finishing Touch Brianna Wetherbee said on a usual MLK Day there would be an increase of 100%.

However, not every customer is buyer. Many people just go to look around.

Having special sales on MLK Day is a business decision. Many business have them while others don't.

"Monday is the day where we decide to do something new for the week. We decided to do our very first 50% off storewide sale... We chose this week because we wanted to kick it off on MLK Day," said Wetherbee.

Even though both stores expected to see an increase in revenue, neither one expected this Monday to be like Black Friday.

"It is never going to compete with Black Friday, but when people are off work it is going to be a good day for us," said Givens.

"People aren't used to shopping on MLK day as they are around Black Friday. I think Black Friday is almost a competition. It is almost an event where people want to see who can get the best deals," said Wetherbee.

James Parish, Newschannel 6 


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