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Water Disruption

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On Monday Wichita Falls Water Distribution workers could be seen doing maintenance and testing on distribution valves in the northeastern side of town.

Residents and businesses north of Highway 287 and east of I-44 may experience a temporary disruption of their water supply for up to approximately four hours, workers were able to finish in three. Chris Arnold of Water Distribution explained the reason behind the testing and maintenance that occurred earlier today.

Basically what were doing here today is a test shutdown so that we can do some maintenance to this large distribution line," said Arnold, "A Couple of summers ago we had a pretty significant leak on this distribution line and during the repairs we discovered that when we turned the water off it shut off most of this part of Wichita Falls.

Though the leak was fixed both Water Distribution and Public Works wanted to find a better way to fix leaks without shutting off water to so many Wichita Falls residents. They decided to bring in a new valve that could shut off a smaller area in the future during other leaks or emergencies. Daniel Nix is happy they will be able to keep water flowing for more people.

"When we realized this valve was a problem we budgeted to fix it in 2013," said Nix  "Those funds are now available so were going into fix it."

The new valve is set to be installed on Monday, January 27th and installation to be completed by morning on Tuesday, January 28th.

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