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The Benefield Trial Continues with 2 Forensic Doctors as Witnesses

Week 3 of the trial for Brent Benefield continued Tuesday.  2 forensic doctors took the witness stand, a forensic psychologist and a forensic pathologist.

The Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Marvin Morris, has never met Brent Benefield's wife, Sarah Price, but he concluded from her records she met 8 of the 9 criteria consistent of someone with a borderline personality disorder.

After lunch, Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Ronald Wright took the witness stand and showed and explained to jurors the autopsy photos and reports of Benefield's 4 month old son. The autopsy photos showed of the child's skull, neck, arm and ribs.

Dr. Wright also said the child's injuries showed no signs of shaken baby syndrome, but from injuries, the child did have a history of child abuse and that the child died of a stroke.

The judge for the trial said the only witnesses left to take the stand will be 2 more professional, out of town witnesses and by Friday, Benefield's fate will be in the hands of the jurors.

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Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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