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ACA Local Effect

U.S. Congressman for Texas's 13th District, Mac Thornberry, was in Wichita Falls to talk about the Affordable Care Act's effect on Texoman health care entities.

Healthsouth CEO Mike Bullitt said he was happy to have the Congressman visit his hospital. However, Bullit said he's not happy about the ACA's effect on his hospital.

"We wait and take care of patients, do what we've always done. Then after the fact, we bill and wait to see how were going to get paid," said Bullit,"We don't know how its going to impact us we don't know how were going to get paid we don't know who's going to pay us. Many times we have the patient admitted with a precertify and then when we send in the payment we get a denial"
Bullitt said he has had to wait up to 72 hours before finding out if he can admit patients who purchased their insurance on the ACA marketplace. That alarms Thornberry.

"As somebody who had to sign up for an affordable care plan insurance I'm a little concerned," said Thornberry.

As of now there are 118,532 Texans signed up on the ACA marketplace. That is the fourth highest number of all 50 states. Bullit said that his hospital has yet to receive one ACA payment, and his Healthsouth is not the only one.

"Out of 103 Healthsouth hospitals that hadn't happened yet. It becomes monstrous, it becomes monstrous," said Bullitt.

Thornberry said no one wants the old healthcare system back, but there needs to be changes.

"We could do it in a way that would encourage people to go ahead and sign up," said Thornberry.

According to Thornberry the patient is just getting further, and further away on being able to make decisions on his or her own health care.

"A government big enough to give you everything you need, is big enough to take away everything you want," said Thornberry.

Thornberry wants a repeal of the ACA and the problems he said it brings Texomans.

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