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Republican Candidate Forum

Republican Candidates got together on Wednesday night at Midwestern State University for a candidate forum.

Those running for the 13th District in Texas for Congress were on hand and the race for Wichita County Clerk was represented.

The main topics for the county clerk candidates was on managing the budget and making sure elections are legal and secure.  Lisa Talley said that training is vital. 

“I can’t emphasize the importance and quality of training,” Lisa Talley said, “It’s one of our best guards against election fraud or inaccurate tabulations of votes.”

Caroline Nicholas was in agreement with Talley’s statement.  In addition she also talked about the county clerk website.  She said that other counties have more information on their website, such as where people can vote, volunteering during elections, and what precinct voters are in.  Nicholas said this is something the residents in Wichita County need to have access to.  I would give the public more education on voting.

Lori Bohannon, the current Wichita County Clerk, said they have a great IT team.  However, she didn’t comment on improvements that need to be made.  If Bohannon is reelected, she said she would like to focus on some upgrades.

“The filing of documents, applications for marriage licenses, and things like that to just make the flow a little easier,” Bohannon said.

As far as the training goes, Bohhanon said they go by the Secretary of State Guidelines and hold public tests 48 hours before an election.  Nicholas said there has been an absence in testing and this was one of her concerns.

Candidates for the U.S. Representatives in District also took the stage.  Three candidates are in the running.  Congressman Mac Thornberry is seeking reelection and said his focus is on defending the country.

“I think the first job of the Federal Government is to defend the country.  So needless to say, the chance that I would be able to be a Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, that would be a primary focus of mine,” Thornberry said.

He also explained that anyone running for the 13th District needs to support energy and agriculture. 

Elaine Hays has a different focus.  She is concerned with the fiscal spending in Washington.

“We have to stop our addiction to over spending and learn to live within our means,” Hays said.

The other candidate, Pam Barlow, said there needs to be a well rounded individual in office. 

The last day to register to vote in the March primary Elections is on February 3rd.  Early voting begins on February 18th and the elections are held on March 4th.

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6
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