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Final Testimony in Benefield Trial

The jury for the Brent Benefield heard the final testimony today as both the defense and the prosecution rested their cases.
Today prosecution called in Oregon Deputy Medical Examiner for Lane County, Daniel Wade Davis, to testify on the cause of death to Lucas Benefield. Davis said that he had concluded the death a homicide as a result from blunt for trauma to the head which Davis said was caused by shaking.

A CT scan taken six hours after the 911 call showed what Davis described as "Fresh" hemorrhaging and bleeding over the brain. Photos taken of Lucas Benefield showed swelling and five blood clots.

Persecutors said that the two healing rib fractures found on Lucas were caused by squeezing the child as they shook him back and fourth. The defense argued these rib fractures were caused by CPR. However, Davis said he has seen no research or documentation to prove that.

The defense rested and the jury was ordered to return tomorrow where they will hear closing arguments before going into deliberation.

Jack Carney Newschannel 6

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