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BBB: Credit Card Scam

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Scammers are charging credit cards for a small amount of money. According to the Better Business Bureau, recent victims were all charged $9.84. But scammers may change that amount as word gets out. The expectation is that many cardholders won't notice the relatively small charge, and the credit card companies won't go after such a minor sum.

To reduce your risk of credit card fraud, the BBB offers the following tips: 
· Report lost cards and incorrect charges promptly. 
· Request a new card if you notice unauthorized charges. Fraudulent charges mean your card information has been compromised. 
· Never lend your card. And don't leave your cards, statements and receipts lying around your home, car or office.
· Never sign a blank charge slip. Draw lines through blank spaces on charge slips above the total so the amount can't be changed.
· Use caution when ordering online or over the phone. Always be cautious about disclosing your account number on the telephone or online unless you know the person you're dealing with represents a reputable company.