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Benefield Trial

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Brent Benefield will have to wait at least one more day before finding out what his sentence will be after being convicted Friday of Injury to a Child Causing Death and Continuous Violence against his wife.

The sentencing phase of the trial was set to begin at 10:30 Monday morning. However, the poor health of one jury member caused the trial proceedings to reconvene at 1:30 in the afternoon. The trial continued with an alternate juror replacing the hospitalized one.  The defense called in 13 witnesses, 12 of them friends and family members of Brent Benefield. All of Benefield's friends and family members spoke favorably of his character.

The defense is hoping to get a lesser sentence for Benefield. Defense attorneys also asked the court that some if not all his term be probated under Wichita County Community Supervision. Currently, there are 27 others in Wichita County Community Supervision for injury to a child causing death.

The combined maximum sentence for both convictions is 30 years. The first charge carries the highest maximum sentence of 20 years, and 10  years for the second charge. If Benefield is given the maximum sentence on both convictions he will be 62 before he is released from jail.
The jury will reconvene at 8:30 tomorrow morning to begin deliberate over Benefields sentencing.

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