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Veterans Affairs Clinic Closing?

Rumors that the VA Clinic in Wichita Falls was closing had many Texoma veterans on edge. 

"It's a service we all need. I don't want the VA to cut that service out," said David Hill," a Vietnam War veteran at Monday nights meeting at the Red Door Senior Center. "It's one of our rights as being a vet." 

Representatives from the VA Oklahoma Medical Center was also in attendance and answered numerous questions from a crowd of concerned veterans.
The D.A.V Chapter No.41 in Wichita Falls hosted the meeting. Joel Jimenez, Commander said its chapter held the meeting because it wanted to put all rumors about the clinic closing to rest.

Richard Chrislip, a Vietnam veteran and President of the North West Veterans council said he knew better.

"You here all kind of rumors when something changes," said Chrislip. "With the changes the VA Clinic had here a lot of people thought the clinic was closing."

Instead representatives informed veterans that they are working to expand the clinic and the amount of veterans it serves in the next couple of years. 
"It's in the making of trying to do just that. Trying to find a location, trying to find a facility that will house these veterans and give good patient care," said Jimenez.

The VA Clinic of North Texas is currently servicing 3,000 veterans with disabilities, but some believe more would not hurt.

"It's great because a lot the veterans here that's the only healthcare that they have. So it's essential having it. They can't travel for various reasons. So it's very important to have a clinic here," said Crislip.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 

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