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Minimum Wage Set To Increase

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President Barack Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address Tuesday night and talked about a possible minimum wage increase for some American workers. 

In his speech he said that he would sign an executive order that would require federal contractors to increase the minimum wage for its employees. Newschannel 6 reached out to Texomans to see if they would benefit from an increase in wages. 

David Ouellete, a Texoma resident who was out of work for 5-months said many people are looking for a job and said he has a job but still struggles to make ends meet for his family. 

"I just had a baby. I work for $8 an hour but part-time work that's not raising a family," said David.

David's story is similar to many Texomans and Americans around the country who are also making near minimum wage. 

"I only make a quarter over minimum wage and I've been working there almost a year now," said Stephen Sanchez, a Texoma resident.

The executive order that the President plans to sign in to legislation would force Federal Contractors to raise the minimum wage for it's employees to $10.25 an hour. He also urged Congress to act to help the American workforce. 

Some Texomans Newschannel 6 talked to believe many workers would benefit greatly from an increase in minimum wage.

John Otley is in favor of the President's proposal. He said  he doesn't know how a person sustain a family making $7.25 an hour.

"I don't know how can feed a family on that. It being raised would probably be a good thing to do," said John.

However, the debate to increase the minimum wage nationally is still on the table and some Texomans are in favor but are unsure what affects it will have on the economy, job market and small businesses. 

"Minimum wage should be at least $8 an hour, maybe even $9, but that would probably cause a situation where small businesses have a hard time paying that and that will probably be a hardship on them," said John.  

"We have to worry about is it going to raise the price of everything, because what are we doing it's just going to be the same," said Sanchez.

"That's a possibility for them to raise the pay and let people go. There's ups-and-downs to everything," said David.

The last time the federal government raised the minimum wage was in 2009 and it was raised to $7.25 an hour. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6