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Benefield Sentenced

Brent Benefield was officially sentenced Wednesday morning by 30th District Court Judge Bob Brotherton. The sentence was recommended by 11 jury members late Tuesday afternoon, after deliberating for over two and a half hours.

Benefield was sentenced to spend 10 years on count one of abusing a child the death of his four month old son Lucas and five years for the second count of continuous violence against his wife Sarah Price while she was pregnant with Lucas.

Both sentences will be served by Benefield at the same time. Benefield will serve a maximum of 10 years behind bars and a minimum of five years, eligible for parole with good behavior.

Brotherton said that Benefield will be give credit for time served on both sentences. Benefield will receive653 days credited for count one and 133 days for count 2.   

Brotherton said the case boiled down to competing testimony from expert witnesses.

"Each side had physicians with pretty much completely opposing theories on how the death occurred," said Brotherton.    
Prosecutor John Gillespie said that justice was served.

"If your talking about who inflicted the fatal injury that killed Lucas, that defendant was the one that inflicted it. The medical evidence was overwhelming and the jury found him guilty because he was guilty," said Gillespie.

While Brennon Brady said he respects the jury's decision, he believes that Benefield was not guilty.

"We respect the time they put into this case. However, we felt there was doubt throughout the case, the pathologist couldn't agree, a lot of the medical providers couldn't agree," said Brady.

Brady said that he plans to appeal the decision.

"We're gonna keep working on his behalf we put a lot of time into this were the public defenders office. We're not doing it for extra money were doing it cause we believe in him," said Brady. 

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